Good News: A Weekly Update from St Thomas Church – April 4, 2019

“Use hand sanitizer and wash your hands”

We hear and read the words and know they make a difference – not just as words, butas actions. Often it’s not until we get laid low by some illness that we realize theimportance of words and actions.

The same can be said for our spiritual lives. We know that we are called to pray and worship regularly, and to be part of a community of faith in some way. Maybe we do all three, or maybe we forget until we find ourselves in some sort of spiritual need or crisis. No matter what, help is close by.

Unlike the latest virus that may lay us low for more time than we like, the simple act ofturning to God and saying “here I am,” or even simply “Help!” is enough. God is alwaysthere, always saying to us, “I am so glad you are here.”

May the healing continue and please, use hand sanitizer and wash your hands.

Peace and blessing,


Nina Saporta