Good News: A Weekly Update from St Thomas Church – March 14, 2019

Happy Pi Day!

From National Today:

3.14159265359…. need we go on? Celebrated on March 14 each (yes, that’s 3-14), National Pi Day not only commemorates a very special number, but also celebrates the birthday of the great scientist and mathematician Albert Einstein.

Pi was first calculated by Archimedes of Syracuse (287–212 BC), one of the greatest mathematicians of the ancient world. National Pi Day has become a day to celebrate numbers and math, and celebrations are held across the country in honor of this very special number.

These days, all of the numerical fun is sometimes accompanied by delicious food items such as pizza pie, fruit pie, and even pot pies! So please channel your inner math geek and get ready to calculate, eat, and celebrate everybody’s favoritenever-ending number.

So, however you want to celebrate, Happy Pi Day!

Math, Science, Music, Art, Religion: all connected to each other and to this Creation God has given us, intertwined throughout time and space. We owe s much to those who have gone before, making their discoveries, using their talents to enhance life on this planet Earth, our island home. We can marvel at things, even as we do not understand, and give thanks for those who are always pushing further, always asking the questions, always staying in the conversation andseeking ways to understand, use, and care for God’s creation.

Let us pray:

O merciful Creator, your hand is open wide to satisfy the needs of every living creature: Make us always thankful for your loving providence; and grant that we, remembering the account that we must one day give, may be faithful stewards of your good gifts; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who with you and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Peace and blessing,


Nina Saporta