Good News: A Weekly Update from St Thomas Church—August 13, 2015

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 2.51.46 PMSummer has definitely turned a corner at St Thomas this week. The energy and activity of Vacation Bible School is now only a pleasant memory, and the garden, while still green and lush, looks different. Black-eyed Susans and other late summer flowers abound, and the songs of cicadas have replaced the songs of birds establishing nesting sites, announcing territories and teaching their young. Many folks are ‘away’ – grabbing planned or last minute trips of overnight or a couple of weeks before the rush of September begins. The days are still long, and the nights summer-pleasant.  Over these past several weeks the gospel readings have been about bread – specifically about Jesus being the Bread of Life. We know that our physical bodies need sustenance in order to survive and thrive – the physical ‘bread of life.’ So, too, our spiritual bodies need sustenance – the spiritual Bread of Life that Jesus offers us when we take him into our hearts and minds and very lives. On the road, on the beach, on the porch: wherever you are, may you be nourished and sustained this day and always.

Peace and blessing,


We have received the very sad news that Rabbi Evan Jaffe has died. Rabbi Jaffe was the spiritual leader of the Jewish Community Center in Flemington, and a good friend to the people of Hunterdon County. He worked tirelessly on behalf of the poor and needy in Hunterdon County as one of the founders of HIOC, and coordinator of interfaith clergy from the county and beyond. Rabbi Jaffe was also a good friend to St Thomas, offering the Community Center for our Jazz concert/gathering, and participating enthusiastically in the event.

Our prayers are with his family and with the members of JJCC in this time of grief.

Further information about funeral services and obituary may be found here:

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