Good News: A Weekly Update from St Thomas Church - August 9, 2018

A Note from Ann

This Sunday will be my last day with you. I’ll then be turning things over to Jack

Belmont for the following two weeks, who will then – hooray!!—be turning them back to Carol. We are both so glad to have been able to help during this time.

Thank you for welcoming me into your beautiful space. Even with the sun baking my back, I’ve loved every minute.... and remember, those shutters can be closed when the temperature soars. It does help.

I realize more and more that “you can’t go home again,” nor are you supposed to.St. Thomas’ is very different from my time in the last century (!!!), and I rejoice in the changes. A parish is an organic thing, adapting and growing with the gifts of the parishioners and the needs of the times.

It seems wonderfully appropriate that I begin a third and final retirement where my ministry began, at St. Thomas’ altar. This was completely unplanned but absolutely right for me. I look forward to being in the pews with you some Sundays, enjoying the music and flowers, watching the parade in from the Church School, and sharing the Peace.

All good wishes and many blessings,

Ann +


++++++ CHILDREN’S SUNDAY BULLETINS ARE AVAILABLE IN THE GALLERY which somechildren may enjoy during the service. The bulletin theme usually coincides with the Gospel reading insert.



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