Good News: A Weekly Update from St Thomas—June 15th, 2017

The peonies in the garden are fading fast, the rhododendron and azaleas are long gone, as are the iris. We have entered what in the Church is the long season following Pentecost, often called the “green’ season because the vestments worn by the clergy are green. In the Roman Catholic Church this is called ‘Ordinary time.’ But if we look at the readings for these weeks ahead we see that this time is anything but ordinary; it is in these readings where we see and hear much of what it means to truly live a life modeled on the love and power of God and the teachings of Jesus. As I look out on the garden at St Thomas I do see a lot of green. But tucked in all that green are bits of color, blues and yellows and reds from many different plants, each adding its own particular gift to the garden. And when I look closer, I see that the expanse of green itself is shaded and varied. So much to be seen and heard, to be savored – and so much to learn.

It is the same for us who gather as Church – so many varieties of thought and understanding, so many gifts to be discovered, and to be shared with the world.

I am heartbroken by the news of death and destruction which come every day: the fire in London where so many were killed or injured; the shootings of members of Congress at a baseball practice in Arlington, Virginia; the bombing outside a kindergarten in China. I believe that each kindness we can do, each prayer we can share, like the bits of color in the garden, can and do make a difference.

Let us pray: Keep, O Lord, your household the Church in your steadfast faith and love, that through your grace we may proclaim your truth with boldness, and minister your justice with compassion; for the sake of our Savior Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.

Peace and blessing, Carol+